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‘Millions of drivers will receive their licences this year with less than eighteen hours’ driving experience under their belt. A Starbucks barista recieves twenty-four hours of training before being handed the keys to an espresso machine.’

Ben's Blog & Comment

Gobsmacking driving anecdotes, humour and wisdom from stunt driver Ben Collins, the man who was The Stig, and other experts. This is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to be better at something they do every day of their life.

Watch: Ben Collins: Stunt Driver

Ben is starring in his own high octane movie this autumn.

Ben Collins: Stunt Driver is an action-packed adventure that mixes Ben's time at Top Gear as The Stig with his time as a stuntman working on films such as James Bond, The Dark Knight

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Road Rage

Back in 1865, the Red Flag Act restricted national speeds to a dizzying 4mph. It also required that a man walk in front of vehicles at all times brandishing the eponymous red flag until it was finally put to one side in 1878.

The world’s first

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Burning Rubber

The first self-propelled ‘automobile’ was probably the steam-powered three-wheeler built in 1769 by a Frenchman called Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. He demonstrated the shortcomings of three wheels by crashing into a wall on his first display at a mere

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Motor Racing ... The Early Years

In Victorian times, health and safety was regarded with a disdainful curl of the stiff upper lip, so there was little serious driving regulation. ‘Motor racing’ took place on long stretches of dusty country road and so gripped the pioneers and

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King of the Road

Not long after obtaining my road licence, after just three lessons, I enrolled at Silverstone’s racing academy to apply for a competition licence. I had to learn the different flags and display proficiency in late braking, tackling a corner at speed

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Drifting through London

Piccadilly Circus, Saturday, an hour before midnight.

Tucked inside a bald cap, Vin Diesel’s leather jacket and his Dodge Charger, my own mother wouldn’t recognise me. Alongside, in a modified Jensen Interceptor, British rally champ Mark Higgins

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A Brief History of Driving

The rules of the road inevitably shape the way we travel. Man and cart made their way along the left-hand side of ancient Roman pathways, and this was no accident. The vast majority of humans are right-handed and right-eye-dominant. By keeping left,

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